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Science LIVE is a weekly broadcast that encourages students to study hard and inspires a love for science. Using real-world examples, Roger Billings and Pajet Monet teach students how to become “Inventioneers” that can turn breakthrough discoveries into useful inventions.

Roger Billings & Pajét Monet

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Everything Starts with a Dream

The Right Tool for the Right Job

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Firefly - Science L!VE Frameable

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Edison and the Dynamo

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Hydrogen Atom Poster

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Roger Billings

Roger Billings

Meet Roger Billings

Roger Billings is known as the inventor of the hydrogen-powered automobile and is credited with significant innovations in the areas of renewable energy, computer networking, cybersecurity, and education.

In 2001, Roger Billings launched Acellus as an initiative of the International Academy of Science to improve math and science scores at schools throughout the United States. Years later, Roger Billings founded Acellus Academy, a fully-accredited online school, to provide students the opportunity to pursue a rigorous education from home.

The Roger Billings Scholarship Program was created as part of Roger Billings' lifelong commitment to support education and to “give back” by mentoring students. More information regarding his work may be found at the links below.

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